What to Consider for Your Next Roofing Project, According to Jaime Westenbarger

Your roof may be the single most important component of your home, although it doesn’t always get the glory it deserves. While a quality roof is essential to protect the structural integrity of your house and its contents, there are ways to make it a standout feature that is both functional and even fashionable, says Brentwood, Tennessee’s Jaime Westenbarger, director of sales for Bluebird Roofing.

However, replacing your roof is more than just about swapping out old shingles for new ones. Not only should the shingles be of high quality to withstand adverse weather, there are other important elements of a roofing system that must be considered.

Good materials may cost more, but they will save you money and headaches down the road while protecting your biggest investment, explains Jaime Westenbarger.

Jaime Westenbarger on What to Consider for Your Next Roofing Project in Brentwood, Tennessee

Choose Your Roofing Type

However, asphalt shingles are not your only option. You could also opt for slate shingles, which not only add curb appeal to your property, but also are very durable and fire resistant. Meanwhile, cedar shingles provide a more natural appearance and are available in different styles, while also allowing ventilation and preventing moisture buildup. You may also be interested in metal roofing in steel or aluminum, which is both durable and stylish. While you can expect certain high-quality shingles to last up to 25 years or more depending on your region, metal roofing can endure for 50 years or more in many cases.

Like houses, roofs need a strong foundation. That is where starter strip shingles come in, which are initial shingles that can offer good protection against windstorms, reducing the risk of shingles flying off. Starter strip shingles are installed on the roof before the second layer of shingles, which are visible parts of the roof.

You may also want to consider getting ridge cap shingles installed, which offer protection against leaks and potential blow-offs. Ridge cap shingles are specifically designed for the ridge of the roof, which is an area that must be protected well from the elements.

Go Beyond the Shingles

Jaime Westenbarger from Brentwood, Tennessee, Warns of Lowest Bidders.

They call it a “roofing system” for a reason, notes Jaime Westenbarger. It means there are several components of a roof working together to provide proper ventilation and longevity.

For example, before the shingles are secured into place, there’s usually plywood decking for reinforcement added along with an underlay coating that protects the wood decking from the elements.

A quality roofing company will install vents that allow ventilation of the attic — one way to prevent ice damming that can damage roofs. Then there’s aluminum or steel flashing on joints that helps direct moisture away from any roof openings including vents.

While the roof has several other components to ensure proper function, you can’t forget about the gutters, notes Jaime Westenbarger. The gutters are essential to redirect rainwater from the base of your home that can also freeze and become a slipping hazard. Incorrectly installed or blocked gutters can end up damaging roofs and siding from overspill.

In short, a quality roofing company will recommend the best roofing system components for your home.

Beware the Lowest Bidders, Warns Jaime Westenbarger

According to Jaime Westenbarger, common items left out by cheap and unscrupulous contractors may include drip edges, ice and water shields, and starter shingles. He notes that these contractors will also commonly neglect to change out old vents or waterproof boots around pipes with new ones in order to save costs.

If these items are left out, it can easily reduce the price by sometimes thousands of dollars, but at the cost of a roof that is not properly installed and may not even qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty.

At the very least, make sure the roofing contractor is properly insured in case of a mishap and try to get references from third-party sources to help you make a hiring decision. Roofing is an involved process and you should choose a company like Bluebird Roofing that takes pride in the work.

Currently in Brentwood, Tennessee, Jaime Westenbarger works for Bluebird Roofing as the Director of Sales.

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