What to Consider for Your Next Roofing Project, According to Jaime Westenbarger

Jaime Westenbarger on What to Consider for Your Next Roofing Project in Brentwood, Tennessee

Choose Your Roofing Type

There are several options when it comes to what you want to replace your current roofing materials with, notes Jaime Westenbarger. For example, you could go with the popular asphalt shingle, but you should also consider the type of weather in your region and how long you expect the roof to last for. If you want shingles made for the long haul, you should request laminated shingles, which are more expensive than standard shingles due to a fiberglass base.

Go Beyond the Shingles

Jaime Westenbarger from Brentwood, Tennessee, Warns of Lowest Bidders.

Beware the Lowest Bidders, Warns Jaime Westenbarger

The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies to the roofing industry. If a potential roofing company you’re considering only talks about how to save you money, then you might want to think twice about choosing them. They may skimp on materials, which will seem good in the short-term but won’t do you any favors down the road. They might also lack experience.



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Jaime Westenbarger

Jaime Westenbarger

Currently in Brentwood, Tennessee, Jaime Westenbarger works for Bluebird Roofing as the Director of Sales.